Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aaron's 28th Birthday

We had a great weekend considering how Thursday turned out. Because of our Utah trip coming up, Nan had a disogram on Oct 16th and she has more issues with her lower spin than we were hoping for. L5/1, L4/5, & L3/4 discs all need to be fused. We were hoping that L4/5 was the only ruptured disc and she could get a replacement disc, but no, Nan has to do it her way. “Spinal Stenosis and the works” Stenosis means deterioration of the spin where bone spurs grow causing pressure on the spinal cord. Surgery planned 14 Nov 08 “Stay Tuned”.

With it being Aarons 28th birthday we headed to Blountville TN for the weekend. Upon arrival, we watched TCU kick BYU’s butt 34 to 7. Boy what a frustrating game with their rating and BCS opportunities. The team didn’t show up to play and they were thoroughly out coached, sorry Bronco… Friday we played with Emma, had our teeth cleaned by our awesome dentist Dr. Vance, and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant with Aaron & Kristy, and then went and picked up some groceries. It was turning out to be a real nice day until Nan got sick at Wal-Mart and had to throw up at the side parking lot. We can’t take her anywhere. I didn’t know that Wal-Mart had that type of affect on people, except for Aaron (he works there) ha! ha! Before Aaron had to go to work, we all carved pumpkins. Emma got right in there and helped Kristy pull out seeds and all. We thought that she wouldn’t like the texture but she was a real trooper. That’s a good sign for a soon to be CAMPER….
Saturday we let Aaron sleep and we took Emma to Bay’s Mountain in Kingsport TN. Bay’s Mountain is a real nice animal refuge center located in a beautiful holler. Emma was treated to see two different owls up close and personal by their trainer. She also saw, wolves, white tail deer, a raccoon, and a bobcat but was most blessed with being in a beautiful part of the country with awesome company, ha! ha!. Once Skyler arrived and Aaron woke up, we all went to a pumpkin patch where Emma could play on some large pumpkins. We wanted to go on a hay ride but it would have made us late for dinner. For Aaron’s birthday dinner, we ate at Texas Steakhouse. All in all, we had a great day with our family and had a great fall weekend in the Smokies.