Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dayton Shuts Down

It's been quite the week. Sunday we got 2" of snow during church and 2 more inches Monday. Tuesday we got 2" more by 2 PM and then the ice came. We had a ice storm until midnight and when we woke up on Wednesday it was snowing up a storm. It didn't stop snowing until noon today. We had 2.5" of ice and over 8" of snow. It pretty much shut down Dayton. Most companies called off work today. I worked from home. I sure wished that I was able to work from home everyday but things would to heck in a hand basket at work.
Ice around our corner crab tree
Our poor little mail box...
Picture of our home at 3 PM
Looking north down our street
Looking south down our street
Our home again. It took me over an hour just to get the ice removed off the driveway after I removed 8" of snow...
Looking out our back door from the kitchen
The barbecue lays dormant... I wished we were cooking up barbecue chicken instead of ice sickles

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mel & Jeff Pulley's Home

When I travel to Utah, I really enjoy visiting and seeing my niece and nephew's homes. This trip, I visited Mel & Jeff Pulley's home in Herriman Utah
Melanie & Jeff's home in Herriman Utah
Living Room
Kitchen Hutch
Family Room
Laundry Room: Skyler would really like this Noter Dame green....

2002 Salt Lake Olympics – Olympic Center

Park City view at the 105 meter jump site "Awesome view"
Grand stand viewing area looking up towards 105 & 115 meter jumps View at the 105 meter jump site. This is why they start training young men at the early age of five to learn how to jump. They start at small jumps and then work to the jump by eleven.
Luge, Skeleton, & Bobsleigh course
18 yr old luge runner during practice. He started when he was 11 years old. If they haven't reached top speed between 18-21, his career is over.
Starting Gate: Ice is hand worked for Luge. Luge is ran first before bobsleigh and skeleton. Skeleton has no controls except for body weight adjustments and tears up the track. Luge travels between 65 to 80 mph
Luge starting gate
Luge, Bobsleigh, & Skeleton course
Freestyle Aerial site: Young men are training after school
Typical bobsleigh that would have been used during the Olympics
Luge (Left & Center), Skeleton (Right)
Park City Tubing area: I'm sure this was built for the snobs of Park City. It has multiple groomed runs and a rope tow... No hiking required

Mount Timpanogos Jan 09

Mount Timpanogos Jan 09
I always really enjoy going home in the winter. Mount Timpanogos is so beautiful in the winter with snow covered mountains. I wished that Dayton had majestic mountains such as the ones seen below:
Mount Timpanogos (Left Side)
Mount Timpanogos (Center)
Mount Timpanogos (RightSide)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dad's 83 Birthday Party

Saturday 03 Jan 09
Dad's 83rd birthday party. Dad turned 83 on Fri 02 Jan 09. He was born January 2nd, 1926...
I was able to fly to Utah this morning from Dayton Ohio to surprise Mom and Dad for his birthday. It was great seeing the whole family. We were only missing the Saling bunch. Tom and Tammy set up the whole party and did a great job.
Jerry trying to console dad after turning 83
Mom...I can't believe I'm married to a 83 yr old!!!
Tom & Tammy's wild bunch
Greg & Stephanie Short's crew
Tammy & Mike Thomas's gang Amy & Jim Mill's brood
Grandma & Grandpa Fox with their wild gang
Jerry & Amber's crew
Jeff, Melanie, & Gavin Pully's Family
Adam, Annie, & Josan Fox family
Kyle & Karrie Fox's mutely crew
The whole famdamily without the Salings
Derrick & his new bride Shawna They make a nice couple...Pierre & Dave make a nice couple too... Lorriane had a hard week and wasn't able to make it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our guest have to leave

26th Friday Dec 2008
Aaron, Kristy, & Emma have to leave, sucks....
Grandma & Emma playing around. Emma loves to play with grandma.
Emma hamming it up for the camera. She's wearing Kristy's glasses.
Breakfast with an attitude.
Breakfast with out utensils

Christmas Morning

25 December 2008
Christmas Morning
Aaron and Emma

Emma and her big blue eyes...
Sky and his few gifts. Boy it stinks getting older...

Grandma & Emma
Aaron & his gifts
Kristy's jewelry from Aaron
Kristy with her hand made Vera Bradley from Nanny
Emma with grandpa feeding the ducks
Emma helping open the gifts
Emma modeling her winter clothes
Boy Christmas was hard. I need a nap...
The two brothers enjoying Christmas day