Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday night Swim Guests

Sunday 15 Feb 09
While I was eating a "Ultimate Salad" that the cook has generated for me after a week staying at the hotel, Adam & Annie called and asked if they could come workout and swim. After dinner, Annie went and worked out while Adam and I sat in the hot tube and pool. At least the pool was much warmer than Wednesday night. Adam, Annie, & Josen
Josen given me a "High Five"
Josen talked and smiled to me all evening. He is such a good nature boy. I think Adam and Annie must have adopted him, ha! ha!

A Cold Swim at the Hotel

Wed 11 Feb 09
With Tammy recovering from her surgery, I had Jeanette bring Mike & Tammy's children over to swim. I had been setting in the jacuzzi each night so I had no idea that the pool was freezing. When they came over, no one would get in the pool. The kids had a great time and talked us all to jump in together. Adam and Annie also heard about our party at the pool so they showed up. We had a great time....doing the polar bear jump!

Mentally preparing ourselves to jump...

"The hand hold"Walking on water....
Burr.... The water was freezing!

Annie and her son Josan.... He was good as gold while we are playing in the pool.

Pre-Teen Birthday

Friday 13 Feb 09
Jacob Wood's 12th Birthday
Jerry's son Jacob turned 12 today. I went with Jerry and his son and his four friends. We ate greasy pizza, tried to go bowling and ended up driving go-carts at the Speedstreet Indoor Raceway in West Layton. It was real fun but it was much more violent than anticipated. Both Jerry and I were motion sick after 20 laps. Jerry's fastest lap was 25.59 sec's and mine was 25.91 sec's. The 12 year olds had a ball. This was much more fun than Chucky Cheeses for sure.

Tammy Thomas Surgery

Wed 11 Feb 09 Tammy had a partial hysterectomy Wed afternoon. Everything went well and I know she's thankful for that. I dropped off flowers and a card. My card told her to get better so that she can get home to take care of Mike, ha! ha! I'm grateful for modern-day surgery.

Clearfield Utah Trip

Mon 9 Feb
The program that I was managing just finished up with a bang. Everything went great for my first real program. When I get back in town, our managers will take my team out and celebrate but in the meantime, I'm headed to Clearfield to work for one month, yahoo... This will help prevent any time without pay. I'm truly grateful that I can fall back on other skills.
Drive from Airport to Freeport Center to work just after landing. Last time I landed and drove to work in Utah, it snowed like this. I think it keeps following me.
Snow Tuesday morning again. Monday we received 8" and this morning was another 4" on the cars.