Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bristol 2009 Spring Race

The walk to the race
Entrance gate on the south side. Not as spectacular as the front gate
Hanselmans "Dustin, Marcus, Fred" & myself, yes the Jr. fan...
Opening ceremonies
Carl Edwards pit stop on back pit. Carl ended up 2nd place. His car is the Scott's fertilizer car which sponsored the Busch Race
Kevin Harvick stop on the back pit. He ended up winning the race.
Turn 3 & 4. We sat in turn 3 in Jimmy Johnson's section A.
Warm up laps prior to the race start. Mustangs were the pace car and Ford was a co-sponsor with Scott's Fertilizer
Final turn after a caution
The winning circle for Kevin Harvick
The whiner Kyle Bush. He lead most the laps and then had to go to the back of the pack with 30 laps to go for speeding down pit row... After the race, he got out of his car, threw his helmet, and stormed down the tunnel. The crowd went crazy because this is Jr's territory and they dislike Kyle big time in the south...
Nascar officials checking cars after the race to verify fairness

Our visit with Emma, Kristy, & Aaron

Friday 20th March 09
It's been since Halloween 2008 since we've been down to Bristol, TN. We came down for Aaron's 28th birthday and with Nan's surgery haven't been able to travel since. The trip down wasn't the best but we stopped several times and let Nan walk around to help remove her lower back pressure/pain. I flew in from six weeks of working in Clearfield Utah at our ATK facility and meet Nan and Sky at long term parking. I had Sky drive my truck back home and Nan and I headed to Bristol with all the other crazy Nascar fans. It just happens to be the Bristol Spring race and we're visiting again, ha! ha!... Kill two birds with one stone. I got a BSA ticket with my old scout troop with our old Bristol Ward scout troop for $10.00 instead of $65.00. Today is Kristy's first ultrasound. She is seven weeks pregnant and due Nov 8th... Aaron, Kristy, and Nan all went to the doctors office while I got the privilege to take Emma to the park and baby sit..
The arrow above shows our new grand child!!! We are really excited for Aaron and Kristy. It will be exciting to have another grand child. It's a precious privilege to have grand children. It will be interesting to watch Kristy's progress.
Emma and I eating lunch at Steel Creek State Park in Bristol TN
Emma sliding... The slide on the left had a small puddle of water at the bottom, so Emma would slide down on the right, stand up and play in the puddle on the left and run up and climb and do it all over again. It was a lot of fun!
"I don't know if i want to do this or not"
Emma doesn't look like she likes the swing but really liked it. There was a big adjacent to her and she wanted me to swing with her. I would swing her and then hop on the swing and she would belly laugh. It was really funny.
Swinging at 2 yrs old
Geese we feed at Steel Creek Park... It's a really nice park for hiking, playing, bike riding, golf, and fishing that's really close to the kids. Its a great park for Emma.
Emma feeding the geese.
More feeding...
More feeding....
My sexy women... She looks really good after a long drive. It's only been four months since her surgery and she will not be fully healed and fused for eight more months.
Emma playing with her purse. She definitely is a little girl. She really loves to play with grandma's makeup.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yesterday after exercising, I spent the day with mom and dad Wood at their home in Pleasant Grove. I was suppose to clean but we spent the whole time looking at pictures until it was time to leave. With this being my last weekend in Utah, I'm trying to gather as much history as I can. I wished that I would have had taken the time 10 years ago when mom could remember all my great grandfathers and interesting stories. I have more info and left mom and dad to comment on a box of pictures so that i can get them scanned with some info. A nice picture without comments, is just a nice picture and doesn't mean anything for the next generation. I'm really looking forward to be able to go home and start scanning and entering personal histories...

After mom and dad's I spent the rest of the evening with Carl and Marsha (Nan's brother and sister-in-law) in Pleasant Grove reminiscing and watching a little basketball.

It has been a ball being here in Clearfield Utah. There hasn't been to many lonely nights with Adam and Annie, Jerry and Amber, and Tammy and Mikes families. We have spent a lot of time swimming and setting in the hot tube. It's been a ton of fun. I will really miss my family but I'm looking forward to be able to sleep in my own bed sleeping next to Nanny and getting my own private back tickles every night, ha! ha!

14 March 09 "Friday Night Swim"

The Gang:Me, Jordan, Amber, Navy, Cohen, Jerry, Adam, Annie, Josan, Jacob
After swimming for three hours, everybody was starving. We had buffalo wings, maco-nachos, and chicken strips and they were devoured in minutes. The boy's had to eat dry cereal that was left out on the counter at the hotel to finish and feel their bellies.... I guess Jerry and Amber never feed the boys, ha! ha!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lorraines 57th Birthday

12 March 2009 "Thursday Night"
Lorraine enjoying a good laugh on her birthday. She seemed to be of good spirits and had some good old jolly laughs that I haven't heard for some time. It was really enjoyable being with my sister on her birthday.
The gangs all here.... I was amusing everyone either with my grey beard or my funny stories when I lived with Pierre and Lorraine. I used to take Derrick and Greg to Kern's pool and do gainers off the high dive. It was a lot of fun. Pierre and his mother is missing from the picture because they were doing dishes.... Also, Jeff Pully was at work.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cheat River Outfitters "Dayton Stake Priest High Adventure Activity"

It’s late Friday night the 6th of March 09 and we are in at Hazelton West Virginia at the Micro Inn motel, yahoo. It’s a far cry from Layton, Hilton Garden Inn from the past month, but it will do. At least it’s clean and that’s our main criteria. I flew from Utah back to Dayton last night to drive 5.5 hrs to Hazelton WV tonight. It’s located on hwy 68, 29 miles east of Morgan Town WV. Tomorrow, Nan and I will head south to Albright WV to meet with a co-owner of Cheat River Outfitters. With being in the Stake YM’s Presidency over scouting, it’s my responsibility to organize a Dayton Stake Priest High Adventure Activity and with being in Utah for the past month working and being their until April 2nd, I have no choice but to determine our plans this weekend. In two weeks, I’ll be in Bristol TN to see Aaron, Kristy, & Emma and to go to the Bristol race so this week is it.

My hope is that we can set up thru Cheat River Outfitters, rock-climbing, caving, white water rafting, and paint balling for June’s activity. I need to find a good group campground that is located logistically for all these activities. I also want to drive to Nelson Rocks, 1.5 hrs away and see the Via-Ferrata climb. This is a European climb where there is a cable already in place that you hook in and climb. If it all goes together, it should be a great activity for the priests and shouldn’t cost more than $210.00 per young man. It’s our hope as a stake to only charge the YM $50 to $75 each. This should be a awesome activity. I’ll write tomorrow and let you know what I have found out. Oh by the way, its Nanny’s 48th Birthday Tuesday so this is a dual weekend, yahoo for Nanny. Go on a 5.5 hr adventure for high adventure while your back is healing. She’ll do anything to spend quality time with her man, ha! Ha!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Loving Memory of Pierre Andre Schutz

Today was a very emotional spiritual day with the funeral services of Pierre Schutz Sr. The loving tributes of Pierre from his family were full of love and respect from a father that was a rock for the family and a individual that truly loved to serve the Lord. Pierre was truly loved.
It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful solid rock man that we can all follow is example to always to true to ourselves. The tributes were very well put together and gave a great synopsis of Pierre's 90 years on life. Christine Blackhurst music was impressive and Pierre's home teachers words where special. There are many memories for me at his P.G. home. I especially enjoyed Pierre Jr's comment, that there isn't any better tribute than knowing "people truly loved your father".

Life sketch was giving by Claude (Son):

LDS pioneer from Switzerland
Man who loved the Lord
Born of strict but goodly parents
Very musical (I didn’t know this about Pierre)
Trade was machinist (Always wanted to be a farmer)
Faith migration to the US in 1952
Ivory Coast Africa – 1st mission
Southern France – 2nd mission
Pierre didn’t ask, he just did it

Character tributes were giving by Pierre’s remaining sons staring with Andy:
Designed tooling to manufacturing aluminum combs. His family sold approximately 50K combs

Mike added:
Work ethic “hard worker”
Perfectionist: Lead his life as a pure machinist
His faith; never doubted that gospel in his life
Always consistent
Love for others – true form of charity

Pierre Jr added:
No greater tribute than that “people love you” Pierre seamed to be truly loved by all
He was like the North Start, solid as a rock in his faith
Man of principle, even with his faultsIt was a really nice day concerning the situation. The six of us went to the grave site where Pierre Jr. dedicated the grave and I asked Charity to take a picture of the "mutly crew". After the funeral services, Jerry, Jeanette, Dave, Jay, & Tammy all went to the Purple Turtle for lunch. After lunch, Jerry and I went to mom and dad's and talked history with them. Then we meet Tom's family at a sushi bar in Lehi, Utah.Left to right: Whitney, Taylor, Amber, Tammy, Taylor, Jerry, and Me.. Good food and good company Aunt Nanny knitted Amber and Whitney Afghans for their weddings. There is 16 scane's of yarn in each Afghan.